Friday, 30 October 2009

I loved the post... but may I say

Following this post from A Commonplace Life, I would like to say: my home is tidy and dust free.  The laundry is done early in the morning.  The bed linens smell fresh.  The dishwasher is empty.  The floor is free of toy or book or ball or any other thing that normally comes with children/teenagers in a home .

I live in a country where it is easy to have a lived-in maid.  She is great and will hunt any small trace of potential chaos.  Still nothing is perfect; I still make a mess when cooking.  Today I prepared those Ginger and Molasses Cookies.  So far I have baked 5 dozens with a batch of dough.

When DH (Dear Husband - for my daughter who is more familiarised with Facebook and SMS than blog!) is travelling (i.e. most of the time), my sewing machine is on the desk in our bedroom and the ironing board is out too.  You will not see any knitting hanging around, but do not be mistaken, it has nothing to do with tidiness, but we have a kitten, Lao Shi (the teacher in Mandarin) and she cannot resist playing with yarn and needles.

Still, I am a great fan of Martha Stewart.  She does not make me feel inadequate.  I am not into “Prince Charming” or romance books, but I dream of an old barn somewhere, colourful autumn, chilly winter, inspiring spring and joyful summer.  My children, grown up, would come for big and small family occasions.  Each of them will ask me for a special dish which will bring memories of happy moments.  The table clothe will be of white crispy linen (this never happens in my really life!).  You can probably see dogs and cats in the picture too.  But this is a dream, some girls dream that they will be ballerina someday, I dream that I will be “Martha Stewart”. But this is just a dream, something I can enjoy before falling asleep.

In the meantime, my life is not perfect, but pleasant, sometimes chaotic and I do not mind my desk being crowded with pins, fabrics, bills to pay.  I do not mind children’s book on the carpet and beads rolling under my toes.  This is life and as far than I am concerned Martha is a nice fantasy (though I do love Everyday Food and Donna Hay for our friends down there).

Friday, 9 October 2009

Peace and Love

A couple of months ago, I broke my right elbow (P. had just announced that we were relocating to Singapore).  I could not sew, nor knit, but I could still embroider with my left hand.  So I start this Christmas Wish B O M by Gail Pan Designs (there's also a Flickr group here).



Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A post especially for Marie-Pierre

Now that all the boxes are unpacked and that everything is nice and tidy  (almost), it is probably a good time to start blogging again.

  1. I'll start with my “good resolutions”:
  2. Post at least every 3 days (unless traveling somewhere nice with no internet connection)
  3. Go to the gym or swimming two more time (I am going twice at the moment)
  4. Start research for a new computer (I am losing letters: the Y first, then the T and this morning the C)
  5. Move this blog to a more user-friendly provider - maybe
  6. Lose weight! Good one…

Anyway, this first post is for Marie-Pierre.  Marie Pierre is my god-daughter, my god-father’s daughter and my daughter’s god-mother - still following?!  Marie Pierre lives in Nouméa (French Caledonia) and she is expecting a baby (OK, not on her own, she has a nice husband - Benoit, but I am more interested in her belly than his!).  It is her first, I am so excited; I remember when she was born, I was 13, I used to look after her mum when she was pregnant, and later on, I babysat Marie-Pierre.  It felt all funny the other day when I browsed through old pictures and found some of her as a baby.

Coming back to the baby, he or she will probably need nothing; first baby always get swamped with gifts.  Does not matter, I am still going to cover her/him with hand made stuff.  I am not going to buy anything; NO, everything will be knitted, stitched with love and sweaty hands (it's hot here!).

Here is my first project:
(Marie-Pierre, if you do not want to know it is time to close your eyes or leave the room).