Wednesday, 26 May 2010

4 more sleeps!

The Little Lady is coming in 4 days. I am practicing my "hugging, kissing, tickling"...

Monday, 24 May 2010

16 years and this is where my husband took me!...

... sorry John (Irving), Sean (Connery), George (Clooney), unless you have a better offer, you will have to wait.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Works in progress

Despite what my friends say, I am not ‘producing’ as much as I want. Here are a few works in progress, not sure that I will be able to finish before Little Lady arrives.

It is decision time for the Mystery Quilt. All the blocks are finished, but how do I arrange them. Here are 4 options. (Sorry for the crappy pictures!)

039 040

041 042

And next are the table mats I started with the squares the girls did a couple of weeks ago.

043 044 045 046

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lady Gaia

Dear Little Lady,

You have no idea how excited we are to welcome you at home. We are *almost* crossing the days on the calendar. Just another 15 days and 14 sleeps to wait.

We are planning, conspiring to make sure that your Mum is very busy while you are with us. This way we will take any opportunity to hold you, to cuddle you, to kiss you, to make you giggle, to tickle you… We might even eat you!

In the meantime, here is how I kept my fingers buzzing. You must understand that one must wear new clothes for a first visit to the Family.

This is waiting for you for your first trip to France.

Gros bisous,

Your God Grand-Mother

PS. Found this little 'sent-bon', made for you!

PS2. The dress and the bloomer patterns come from Marie Claire Idée, the cardigan from Sublime and the shoes from Hookcandy.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Once upon the time in my life

Once upon the time, there was Gunter.  Gunter was German, I met him last year in January.  Gunter was not very good looking, but he was my first.  We got on well together until I found out he lied about his age (much younger that he was pretending to be!).  I broke my arm and we broke off.

Then, once in Singapore, I met Junior.  Junior is quite nice looking, very sensitive, with a soft touch, almost feminine.  I think I was falling in love with  Junior, but knew he was not mine.  We play nicely together, sometimes out of tune.  I made giant steps with him.

And recently, I have been introduced to Handsome.  Handsome is handsome, from Chinese origin, nicely tan.  You need a strong hand to make him vibrate.  I like his warm strong voice, I like his shoulder, a bit rough.

Junior and Handsome now both sleep in my bedroom.

PS.  Oh, my kids urged me to add pictures to this post, so to clear any misunderstanding.  Therefore, let me introduce them to you.

                IMGP2424     IMGP6885IMGP6889

Monday, 10 May 2010

An Education

We had this tradition at home: Friday night was TV night with Pizza, i.e. we used to choose a movie or TV show and order pizzas and while watching something that every body enjoyed we would eat our pizza on the rug of the living room like a picnic. But life happens, kids grow up and are not interested in the same things. So now, there is ‘movie night’ at friends, and we eat pizza in a civilized manner at the table on Sunday night.
But, last week Philippe was somewhere in India playing water-polo, and ‘movie night’ had been cancelled. So we decided to have our own movie night. I cannot remember what Juliette and Victor chose to watch, but Alice and I watch ‘An Education’ from Lone Sherfig.
Both of us loved it. Some might say that there’s nothing new in the movie, that there’s no surprise. We do not care, and we were so taken by the costumes.
This blue dress would look lovely on Alice.
It made me think of 'In the mood for love', costumes where beautiful too.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Recipe for a nice creative afternoon

  • 3 girls aged 9-10
  • pieces of calico
  • sharpies of felt pen
  • a straw
  • surgical alcohol
  • a plate
  • some paper tissue

Give a piece of calico to each girl or one big piece for the 3 of them depending on their negotiation skills or your patience. Did not trust either their skills or my patience, so a piece per person in order to keep peace!

With the felt pen, draw anything you want on the calico. Then dip the straw in the surgical alcohol, putting your finger at the end of it so you retain a bit of the liquid. Now let tiny drops fall on the calico. The colour is going to run, run, run… Let dry and send the girls to the swimming pool while tidying up.