Monday, 28 June 2010

Start of a tradition – Sunday tapas

Kids, even grown up kids, like traditions, routines. Anyway mine, they really are into culinary traditions. When we lived in England, Tuesdays were pasta nights (they needed the carbs for the swimming training), Fridays were pizza nights in front of the TV (I needed then to fold the underwear and pair the socks), Saturday nights were for ice-cream and Sunday lunches we would go to the pub (only when P. was away).

Now we are introducing Sunday tapas. Yesterday night’s recipe came from Flo’s blog – Bliss in the Kitchen. It does not seem like much, but it was very nice. Although, not an easy recipe to pull together. Not that you need a high expertise in cooking, but finding chorizo was much more challenging, no basil, no goat cheese this time either.


Even better, I served it with ‘my’ bread. Yes, my bread. I tried so many times to reproduce this bread. It should have been so easy, but it seems that the temperature here make not so easy.


Saturday, 26 June 2010

I am not a finisher

I think I have known this for a while now, even if I was very disappointed when I was told the truth after a psychology test some years ago.

I always pride myself for being very precise, an eye for details, but let’s face it, I love to start something new, I have less momentum to finish a once-loved project.

Yesterday’s achievements were:

  1. The blue lace bolero. If I check my projects’ tab on Ravelry, I see that this one has been started at the beginning of February. It should have been a very fast project: no sleeves, one and only one piece. But it has been waiting for me to do the 2 seams that were required! Only 2 seams. What’s wrong with me?

    Anyway, it is now done, and it looks very good… on Alice anyway!
    067 068bis
  2. This project was finished much, much quicker. The question is why in a country where the lowest temperature is 25 degrees C, would you need 100% wool shawl? My answers are:

    First - I love the colour,
    Second - it is not that often that I found some yarn I love at Spotlight,
    Third - when I started it, J. had just arrived in France and was enjoying chilly nights with 3 blankets. I was so envious and counting the days until we join her (since the weather is back to summer!).

    The strategy to get to a Finished Object fast, has been to hide all the loose ends as I started a new ball. Still have to block it properly though. The pattern is from Marie-Claire Idées (January 2010 issue), by La Droguerie (and it is on Ravelry too).

    072bis 070

Am I allowing myself to start a new knitting project now? I have this beautiful yarn from Sublime, I am tempted to design a baby jumper… Do you think it is calling for disaster… but it could also be so rewarding.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Elephants and cushions

Another nice little project finished. It could have been fast too, but I did not plan it properly and had to redo half the job when it was almost finished.

028 017


The embroidery pattern comes from So September. Go to her blog, she has lovely ideas: my next project from her will be this mirror.

I used one 16” cushion, cut in half, like I did for my Pillowtes.

Note to myself - need to write a tutorial for this, it is so simple!
Note to myself 2 - need to learn more about Blogger new template; the size of my colums don't look right. Not so simple!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In our plates

Since we arrived in Singapore, we’ve try to eat ‘local’: Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Philippino…  I now have a collection of Asian books.  Our usual Saturday lunches are normally taken at hawker centres.

But recently, tapas have been making their way to our menus.  First, J. and I went to Jones the Grocer.  It is very chic, perfect for a Ladies’ lunch.  They do serve tapas in stylish plates and J. feels very at ease and grown up.  Here is what we had today:

  • cappuccino for me 
  • Cola for J. 
  • beef Carpaccio for J. (though I am sure they use fancier terms for it) 
  • pastrami and cheese sandwich in a baguette (actually a very good baguette – crispy outside and white and soft inside) 
  • J. finished with a cupcake, with electric blue icing!


And now my ‘home’ version of tapas: red beans and chickpeas salad, with roast bell pepper and olivette tomatoes, served with marinated olive, dry ham and Manchego cheese.  This is it in pictures:

005 006 007 009


Monday, 14 June 2010

Green cat goes to France

J. is going to France tonight, taking the plane for a very long flight on her own, for the first time. I will do it, but my heart will be all swollen when I drive her to the airport. My hands are going to tremble when I give her passport to the person at the desk. And finally, I will let her hand go, I will wave while she goes through the Police check. My little girl is getting bigger and she is so exited about this trip.

Getting bigger, but still happy to have something handmade by Mum. And she needs a little bag for her note book, I-pod and passport.


The linen fabric is recycled from a pillow healer – the kind that is filled with beans and that you warm in the microwave before applying to your sore neck after so many hours of needle work. The cat shape comes from doe-c-doe photostream (check her blog too). And the floral print is from Kaffe Fasset.

One day, I may write a tutorial for this!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Non craft related post

Nothing major, I just want to say that:

  1. I love the new features on Blogger, how the setting up of templates is so easy. I like the choice of background. I had a little play and changed ‘my’ look :)
  2. I broke 2 needles while doing fancy stitchies on my machine for a little project for Juliette. Silly me, I forgot to change the foot, and did it again just a few of minutes later. Pictures of what I was making soon to be posted.
  3. I started a mini Lady February Sweater for Juliette’s doll. Pictures to come soon.
  4. And here is a picture of myself.
    I normally do not like pictures of myself and avoid the camera. But I have been caught and I am so pleased with the result. Thank you MP.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

She is here!

Little Lady is with us for the week... very little crafting activities expected! Too busy just admiring her.