Thursday, 29 July 2010

French holiday - Part 4: a grumpy old woman in Paris

After a long week-end in England, we are back to France for a couple of days. Staying in Paris as tourists is so nice. And what do tourists do when in Paris? They go and visit the Musée du Louvre. So off we go to the Louvre. This is where you meet the grumpy woman; I would like to know why this experience was so unpleasant; why there were so many people and so little organisation so you can hardly seen any of the works exposed. We did the Egyptian gallery almost running, pushed and squeezed around. Juliette was the only one to have had a glimpse at Mona Lisa on her dad’s shoulders. It was hot, noisy, crowded… I honestly think there must be better way to organise the visit. In one word, I felt very, very DISAPPOINTED.

The positive thing is that it all went uphill from there. We had a very nice, posh, Parisien lunch at Café Marly.

Then, walked to La Drogerie. Ever heard of the Florence syndrome? I am sure that there must be a La Drogerie-syndrome, or a ‘beautiful-craft-shop-syndrome’; hands getting giddy, short breath, head spinning, wide smile on your face …

I had to buyAdd Image a bit of dream: the latest book ‘Léger et douillet avec la droguerie’and some yearn Soyeuse 50% silk, 50% baby Alpaga.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

French holiday - Part 3

I know I should be saving the planet and not buying any magazines, but... I did it again. This time it is ELLE à Table. Another MUST when visiting my home country. Here is the cover.

I can't wait to go back home and try some of the recipes. For today, I did the Roblochon cup cakes.

No cupcake cases, hence the shape!

Such a shame that the sun was hiding, it would have been perfect for an apéritif sur l'herbe.

Sorry, I have to go, still need to go through Régal and Cuisine et Vins de France.

French holiday - Part 2

One of my pleasures whenever I spend some time in France, is to buy magazines and of course THE ultimate French women's magazine, THE only intellectual, practical, fashionable, sensual French magazine, E L L E. And look, on this week's cover Marion Cotillard.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

French holiday

Here we are, on holiday in France. And guess what - it is hot, almost as hot as Singapore, minus the air con. Thankfully, evenings are much more cooler. Anyway, this blog is not dedicated to my holiday but to crafting, cooking and other non craft related things i.e. my kids.

On the crafting side, just a sneak peak of my WIP: les Barbabapa.

You probably know the Barbapapa, those shapeless or multishape cartoon characters. I remember watching the serie on TV on Wednesdays when I was a kid, I loved the tune. Following the success of my Elephant cushions, I've decided to 'create' a Barbapapa pillowte.

On the cooking side, I want to try again the bread, and check whether my unsuccesses are due to the S'pore weather or my own failure.

And please let me bore you with my holiday. A couple of days ago we went to the Conservatoire National du Costume de Scène (the CNCS). The current exhibition is called Vestiaire de Divas and presents costumes that once belonged to Maria Callas, Sarah Bernhardt, Edith Piaf, Dalida... Really, really nice. I wish we could have seen more.

And here a bit a crafting, the Museum is knitting a huge jumper for a giant, we did our bit with size 30 needles.

Sorry, my pictures are not at their best!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Using my scraps

Years ago, I attended a workshop with Ferret – Speed Quilt, a quilt in a day. It was a fairly easy project, and so fast (I actually did it in a day and a bit – sewing the binding always takes a lot of time for me!).

The fabrics were from Heather Bailey’s collection. I love the colour, love the energy. And good news, I got plenty of left-over, minute scraps, so I did minute projects with them.

Camera strap – I wanted one of these for so long;they are everywhere in blog land, and I had to sew one. My camera will never be the same ever again!


with a clever pocket for the memory cards :)


Hard drive pocket – this was Alice’s request to keep all her precious files safe.



Monday, 5 July 2010

Monday recap

Sunday dinner

Drum girl Alice

LaoShi - Life is not always easy

Saturday, 3 July 2010

“This e-mail has been sent from my blackberry…

…and has not been spell checked”.

Have you ever received a message like that? I always find that a bit ‘insulting’, ‘irritating’ that somebody would send me an e-mail without checking it, and I always make a point at e-mailing, posting in the best English I can master (more than once asking Alice to proof read for me). Wonder where is this going?

Some weeks ago, I have shown pictures of some works in progress.

A few visitors later, I received a comment from MP, and it was then I realised I wish I had a ‘quilt-spell-check tool’. Bon ApPetit and not Bon Apetit! I’ll copy that 100 times. One of the table mat was already quilted, so I came with the following solution. “Bon Ap!…”, very French way of shortening it (and sorry no picture of this one). The next one was no spelt properly either, and I got lazy – did not want to unpick my work and start over again.

Then I remember that some time ago I bought a RED Sharpy for Alice so she could go around and correct spelling mistakes or grammatical errors she spotted. You will be amazed by the number of c…s up one can find on packaging, official notice boards, communications of all sort. I do not know whether this is universal, but in France, teachers will take a red pen, underline the error and write the correction above, so this is what I have done with Juliette’s table top.

The last mat was much better!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Knitting and sewing for a baby…doll

What do you do when you have no more baby to knit for? I am not going to ‘produce’ one: with 3 kids, I think I have my hands full. In addition, I always said that after 38 my ‘used by date’ was well passed. I could start a new project for the Little Lady, but there’s a lot of people knitting, sewing for her already!

Before J. went to France, we tidied up her bedroom, sorting out too small clothes and left behind toys. And then we found Camilia. Camilia is a Poupette from Corolle, she smells so good, and she deserves a new garde-robe for all the time she was abandoned.

Here is Camilia with her own Lady February top and a Batik dress just like J. and me.