Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Another piece of love

Here is Juneberry finished.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blues and the THING


It seems that my hands can’t get off my needles these days.  I have a very long list of projects I want to knit.

A friend of mine asked me to translate a French pattern; I did it and felt that it would be only fair to test it. Here is the result, knitted in Sirdar  Click DK with wool.  The French version can be found here.

Gilet a empiecement bleu

I think I need to add a bias to make sure that the edges won’t roll and to make it pretty too.

Now the THING. I’m knitting IT in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Speckle and babybamboo.  What can I say?  Not much, it’s a gift for a friend who’s expecting a little boy.  It’s a baby jacket designed by a big name in knitting, it has only 2 seams on the shoulders. Knowing my friend, I hope she will be interesting by the ‘structure’ of IT. And I am so excited about this project.


More pictures very soon.

Speaking of finished project’s pictures, Juneberry is finished and blocked.  I now need to find the time to take pictures, but it is holiday time for us… I’m off to the beach with my camera and some appliqué.

See you soon :-)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bread :)

Almost 3 years that we live in Singapore.  My bread machine gave up some time ago, and since I have been trying desperately to make my bread.

In the past, I’ve used the No Knead Bread method, and I loved the rustic feel of this bread, plus the fact that almost no work was required to obtain a delicious loaf.  Things changed when we arrive in the tropics.  The kids have made fun of my repeated tentative and failures.  My breads did not want to raise.  I’ve tried different local flours, different brands of yeast…

So what has changed?  This time I bought some flour from the Waitrose brand (quite expensive), kept my yeast in the fridge in a small bag in air-tight container. And I increase the amount of water, quite a lot compare to the original recipe.  I’ve reduced the raising time, it is so hot and humid here.


Monday, 12 March 2012

Ordinary Sunday

:(  Philippe left early Sunday morning for a long week to the States (coming back next Sunday – just in time for our holiday – hopefully).

The girls and I spent time sorting out their wardrobe; I’m always amazed at how fast they outgrow their clothes, and how much we keep even if I make an effort to sort them regularly.  We ‘clotoxed’ the walls and felt much better at the end.  They were quite happy with the result and said that now there was a proof that they had nothing to wear… I can surely expect a list of MUST HAVE and a shopping trip  :)


Ordinary Sunday 11 March 2012

on the left Juliette’s side, on the right Alice’s – the shopping excursion is now confirmed

Ordinary Sunday 11 March 20121

Next was the usual Sunday’s game for Victor.  It started with torrential rain; I tend to forget how it can be in the tropics.  For 15 minutes, the sky literally fell on our heads, then blue sky again.  We girls left the game early, Victor was goal keeping, and most of the game was happening on the other side of the pitch (in the end, they won both of their games).

Ordinary Sunday 11 March 20122

Ordinary Sunday 11 March 20123

Finally, reward of the day, Juliette and I went for a pedicure, ending up with quite unusual colour on our toes.

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