Saturday, 26 May 2012

Good (bad) boy Sweater

When it comes to baby knits, I tend to stick to my favourite patterns: Sublime.  I’ve done so many things from the Sublime booklets.  They always feature the cutest babies.  I think buy them more for the babies than for the projects.  After a while the projects are very similar from one book to the other.

In terns of yarn, I always use Sublime DK, either the Cashmere Merino Silk ore the Baby Cashmere Merino Silk.  The reasons for this are simple: I know my gauge is spot on, the yarn is lovely to knit with and finally I know how it’s going to react: stretch very slightly with each wash but keep nice and soft.

So for the baby boy who just turned 1, my choice what pretty easy: Matelot Sweater with Sublime Baby Cashmere in light cream, blue and red.

Good bad boy T

This was a very fast knit, very simple.  The shoulder and collar shapes will make it very easy to put on.

And here is the back.

Good bad boy T1

I have a bit of yarn left over, I might knit a hat too.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


This is how I feel at the moment.  For the last couple of weeks, Alice has been at home revising for her GCSEs exam: 22 papers to go through until the end of June.  She does not really need my help, but she likes (or I like to think that) to have me around her so she can concentrate better.  Every day, we sit at the dining table, she studies, I sew or knit.

I like the feeling of her needing me, and I like the idea of staying at home and concentrating a project for a few hours at a time.  I feel more focused, more ‘in charge’.

So far I managed to finish a few knits (one of them having been in process for more than 3 years), and I sewed 2 tops, one of them has even been quilted and binded.  I hope to finish the other one next week.

scrapbooking paper9

Waves quilt1

It feels very, very good.  However, I don’t think I’ll be as productive this week, the 3 kids are at home with more revision.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another week is gone

It’s Sunday again… Time goes too fast when there’s no seasons to beat the rhythm of year.

This week-end, it’s only the kids and myself.  Philippe is in China.  Another week-end with our usual routine:

  • rugby game on Friday (I would happily post a link to the video, but I doubt anybody is really interested in watching the whole 55 min),
  • revisions with more exams to come next week,
  • packing Juliette’s bag who is going on a school trip,
  • a bit of hand sewing (not happy with my owls’ feet),
  • reading (I cannot put this book down, and I need to set the alarm so I can go to sleep at a reasonable hour),
  • baking (blueberry muffins where I replaced the blueberries with strawberries and bananas – I had nothing else at home, which means grocery shopping for Monday),
  • movie – The Avengers: some ridiculous costumes, but some funny dialogues.

Ordinary Sunday - 13 May (1280x1138)

and of course


Have a nice week!

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Sunday Post

It seems that Sundays are good days for taking pictures and therefore posting.

Here what I can bring from my first Sunday of May.

Some fabric:



I know it is not reasonable to get more but I could not resist.  I don’t know yet what I am going to do with it…

In the mean time, I had a very productive Sunday.  Philippe was in bed sick, the children revising in preparation of the exam, so I had a whole day at my sewing table.

Waves quilt

The revisions table


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

News from the sewing machine

Recently, this blog has turned more and more onto a log of my knitting.  Still, the machine is working and has been put to good use as well as my hand and needles.

I will probably (or not) come back in more details to some of the projects, but I’m pleased to say that I have finished a few projects recently:

  • The Batik quilt – 2 years in progress, the piecing went very fast, but the quilting part was going nowhere.  I wanted to hand quilt it, but first it is far too hot in Singapore to hand quilt, and second I did not choose the correct wadding/batting and it felt like quilting in cardboard.  So I gave up, unpicked everything and sent the top to my friend to machine-quilt it.  She’s done a great job and so fast too.  One happy ending.
  • Schnibble #2 – last year, I wanted to sew one Schnibble per quarter… Guess what, I did Schnibble #1 on the allocated timeframe, then the second one… It is now finished, and I can even report that I free-machine quilted it myself.  I got the inspiration, the push from this lady.  Her YouTube videos are excellent, her tips very helpful.  My only regret is that my stitches are somehow to big.  I think I should have run the machine faster.  This is another happy ending.
  • My Japanese bag – another year-long project!  It is almost all hand made. It’s pretty, delicate, and holds all the necessary tools for a day out sewing.  In all honesty, it is not quite finished, I want to add some pockets, make a nice tape measurement cover and get a small cutting board to go with it.


3 finished projects, I think I deserve a reward in the form of a NEW project, actually… 2 maybe 3…

I got this nice fresh fabric from our trip to Australia last year.  I planned to do a zigzag child quilt with it. I’ve started cutting, piecing and now I’m waiting for more fabric.  Silly me, I did not buy the whole range.


I’ve also started an applique quilt.  My friends did it in bright colour, mine is going to be in earth tones with Japanese cuts I’ve been collecting for some years.