Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Just Take 2 – 3 more blocks

Here are the 3rd block of Just Take 2
Just take 22
Number 4Collages
And number 5Just take 23
I’ve started working on the border.  I’ve cut all the solid colour elements so far, plus some elements in the prints.  I’ll cut the rest of the prints as I go, I have not decided yet which ones to use in the next block.
Hopefully, I’ll have time this week for the 6th block before the next one is published.
So far so good!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Next stop : Orlando

It looks like we are on the move once again!  Next stop, Orlando, FL

Juliette and I went to visit and get an idea of what to expect. To summarise it all:

  • school visit – DONE

Orlando visit3

Poster to welcome Juliette – so sweet!

  • shopping trip(s) – DONE

Orlando visit4

Blouse: Hollister – Shorts: American Eagles – Shoes : Creepers for the British touch

  • swimming with the dolphins – DONE

Orlando visit1

In their late 40s, Cindy and myself – not yet a teen, Juliette

  • breakfast at Ihop – DONE

Orlando visit2

Only if you like American pancakes

  • visit at Universal – DONE

Orlando visit

So let’s the adventure begins.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring – at last

We had such a lovely week-end.  Spring decides to make an appearance.

The perfect opportunity to put the laundry out to dry in the sun – it’s so much nicer.


The perfect opportunity to kick a few balls.


The perfect opportunity to explore the ‘big wild outside’.


This is the fridge on Day 1 of the week-end, I should have taken a picture at the end of Sunday – empty, all the kids are at home :-0


Still, just in case the weather turns bad again, I’ve started a new project.


Have you notice my new little tool, a row counter that it worn as a ring – tiny and handy.

I also found this book from Sublime.  I had to buy it.  It has got all of my favourite baby pattern in grown up size. Perfect as MP’s Bbs are not babies any longer.