Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pressing matters

This is the second time in a short while that I’m taking you to my laundry room… I know, I’m so lucky to have a laundry room…

Anyway, this is the first project which I completed in 2014, and when I say ‘completed’, I mean 100% finished.


My old cover was not very well padded, not nice at all with some water marks, it was time for something better.  I had bought one of those ready fitted cover, but it did not fit.  So I cut it, sewed it on some pretty fabric from Ikea, added a red bias for, zigzagged all around the cover, quilted some very simple lines and ta dah… all new cover : – )

Small project… small victory

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Small treasures, small pleasures

Wool on Sunday – I’ve decided to join this Link Up

Go and see Janine’s blog Rainbow Hare Quilts and the other links :–)
It’s been a long time since I have blogged about any crafty activity.
First, there’s this little project I’m so excited to start, but I can not speak about it yet, and I can’t start until I have finish my other WIPs.  Still I can show you the yarns I’m going to use.
I love the colour combo.  It’s my first order ever from Knit Picks, and finding this small box on my door step made me very happy.
Something else that make me happy is working with pretty tools.  I got myself a pair of sock blockers, I would have preferred a wooden set but I’m sure they will be useful.  I also indulged in this set of ebony double points needles. The wood is very soft and feels strong in the hand.  They come in this little bag, 6 of them, shorter than the ones I normally used.  I’m working with 5, the length is perfect for these socks. 
The pattern is from Socks from the toes up  It is going fast.  I want to finish this first one soon and block it; I’m working with already knitted yarn and I hope that blocking will help with the texture.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Ordinary weekend

I like week-ends to be somewhat organised and spontaneous…

So last week-end, we had a few things planned:

Saturday, we went to a very nice party at some friends’

Sunday: ‘road trip’ to St Petersburg to see the sun set, plus a visit to Dali’s Museum.

St Pitersburg advantureSt Pitersburg advanture1

Monday, which was a holiday, we decided to drive back home, taking the small roads and discovering the country side.  Before I go further, I need to state a couple of things:

  1. when it comes to navigation, I trust Philippe, no question asked -  I always suspected he has some super-powers: he can look at any map and remember any details of it; he can find his way in any city even if he’s never been there before.  So you see, he has super powers.
  2. when it comes to driving somewhere, I am very happy not to be behind the wheel; I have so many other more interesting things to do; enjoy the landscape, sleep, knit, read, sleep (^_-), sew…

So when he started driving off the road and taking some trails in the forest, everything was OK.  But a few miles later and a few turns to the East, we ended up in a mud hole, and not a small one…in the middle of nowhere.

St Pitersburg advanture3

What do you do when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone reception?

First, remember that 911 use a different network, and  it always works.

Secondly, open Maps on your iPhone, press the location arrow, drop a pin, bookmark the location, walk a couple of miles or so until you finally get back on the network, text the bookmark to your daughter (who lives in the UK), ask her to try and find your coordinates (she did find them).  In the meantime, Philippe tried to explain to the 911 operator where we were, and the operator tried to explain back that it is not possible because there was no road… really!?


Thirdly, keep calm, stay grouped, be patient, keep calm, think straight, save your food and water, you never know how long you are going to be there.

More than 4 hours later, our first rescuer finally found us, then a second one went to get a truck to get us out of our misery.  While we were waiting for the truck to arrive, our rescuer told us all about the wildlife around us: hogs, deers, bobcats, alligators, hunters (lucky us, the hunting season closed the day before), meth addicts and meth cooking farms, people looking for a quiet, remote spot to dump… things.

St Pitersburg advanture2

In the end, we were back on safe ground at night fall… We learnt a few lessons, got quite scared but now I know that my husband has no super powers.

And another thing, I doubt that our rescuers will ever read my blog, but THANK YOU, thank you to those three guys who helped us out and0 did not leave us until we were safe.

BTW, we are staying at home this week-end.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

My sweet boy…

… is 16 today.

Don’t you love that smile !

scrapbooking paper22

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The irony of ironing

First of all, let’s be clear, I do not like ironing.  It is boring, comes back all the time and there’s nothing creative about it…

But sometimes, for no reason, as I am folding T-shirts, Jeans, pressing shirts, my heart skip a beat, something makes it swells. I feel something special for this T-shirt Juliette has worn for so many years, this pair of jeans that we have bought together, her uniform skirt that is so stiff…

scrapbooking paper21

And I remember our Friday evenings, when the kids where all at home, I would iron and they would sort the socks while watching Dr Who.

I know that sooner that I want, I won’t have old Ts, ran down pair of jeans to launder. The three of them will be busy with their life, and I will only have a couple of non-matching lonely socks to remember our Friday evenings.

So once in a while when the nostalgia takes me, I press extra love in their clothes and I enjoy the task.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A No-Resolution resolution

The holiday period is gone, done, over… and I am quite glad.  I’m not a big fan of all the fuss and agitation.

Still, this year was nice.  After an eventful start (flight cancelled, then delayed, then rerouted), we managed a lot: visit to our family and friends, ski trip, lazy days, revision days…

Xmas 2014

So now the question is New Year resolutions or not? My first approach would be to write the following resolutions:

  • #9mni$$ @  healthy
  • Grhrr**& sport
  • ‘'@#$%…^& and more

All of which I will forget as soon as they are published on the blog…

So let’s keep it simple, here on my white board a list of things I would like to finish or start.  I hope to add more as I go along and I will be very happy if I tick a few but there will be pressure, no deadline.


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy New Year

Ok, this might not be the best picture ever, but the composition is PERFECT: all 5 of us together!