Sunday, 28 June 2015

Me Made May in June

I know, May is long gone, and everybody on the blogosphere has done there ‘what I learnt follow up’.  I haven’t, so here it is.

So what did I learn?

  • First, I do not have enough MeMade garments to last a month.  Actually, I don’t have enough garments (MeMade or not) to have a month of outfits without repeats.  I mainly have T-shirts and jeans in my closet.  Morning, you’ll probably seen me in my workout gear, and in the afternoon I will probably have with an apron around me to avoid too much lint on my cloths from cutting fabric and sewing.


  • Secondly, I keep my cloths for ages, years and years.  I knitted the lavender top back in 2009 (bottom left).  The dress (top left) was sewed when we first arrived in Singapore, where I had fallen in love with Batik. The bottom right top was also sewed in Singapore in 2010. And finally, the lace cardi was also knitted back in 2010.  It looks like I had a lot more time when we were in Singapore.
  • Thirdly, do you think I’m a ‘blue’ kind of person?
  • Fourthly, when I like a pattern, I have a tendency to sew it again and again.  Three Sorbettos were made this last May (and there are probably more to come).  The first one, made with voile, is my preferred one.  I’m not too happy how the fabric of the blue one is already fading.  There are tiny lemon on the binding of the yellow one.  Anyway, they are all getting wore a lot – it’s hot here!


  • Finely, not everything I sew is a success.  OK, this is not something I have recently learn.  But what I realised is that if I had spend some time and money on a project, I had to find a way to make the garment works.  I made myself a ‘parachute’ skirt.  The pattern, from Purl Bee, looked lovely, but probably more appropriate for young girls.  On me it looked like a circus tente.  I removed 10” in the front and the back and it looks much better now as long as I wear it with a tight T.  And there was the vintage dress I made for Alice’s graduation last year.  I love the fullness of the skirt, but the top was ill-fitted.  I couldn’t face re-fitting it, so –snip- I cut it and it it now a skirt, a very swirly skirt.  I also made a clown trouser, but you won’t see this one, it went very wrong and I won’t spend any time making it better, there’s no hope, I might save the zipper though.


Friday, 26 June 2015

It was all about the food

Promise, just one more post on our Japanese trip! :)  And this one is actually more related to what I want this blog to be about: quilting, knitting, cooking and anything crafty…

Juliette and I went to a cooking class with Yoshimi from Tokyo Kitchen.  We prepared tempura, a couple of side dishes, miso soup… and we loved it.  Yoshimi is very nice and bubbly and it was so much fun to cook and chat with her.

Tokyo with Juliette7

Lunch with my good friend in the tiniest restaurant.  People queue very early to have a chance to eat at this place.  There are 4 choices of menu at lunch time, everything is prepared in front of you.  And that was sooo good.Tokyo with Juliette9

We finished our week with another cooking lesson with my friend and her kids.  First of all, it felt very special to share a day at my friend’s home.  I just love how she has organised her home around her kids – desks, books are the main fixtures, no TV, no computer but plenty of games.

Tokyo with Juliette17We spent most of the afternoon making gyoza from scratch, folding them in the shape of half moon (which is quite technical). We made ‘thousands’ of them and it them all :)

So that’s it no more Japanese post, and back to some crafty stuff next time.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Random from #ourjapanesetrip

Tokyo with Juliette10Things you see in the street – plastic food & drink, truck-fooding Japanese style, an old acquaintance from a previous meal :)

Tokyo with Juliette11 Kappabashi – kitchen supplies district

Tokyo with Juliette12 Transportation

Tokyo with Juliette14 Kamakura Buddha

Tokyo with Juliette15 Tokyo with Juliette16 Walk around Kamakura

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Stylish people of Tokyo

I’ve done a post about Stylish girls in Tokyo, so it is only fair that I bring you some stylish guys too.

A few things to be said about guys style. We identified two categories: the business-man-dark-suit-white-shirt type and the trendy-edgy-bold one.  I took quite a lot of pictures of the latest group, guided by Juliette.

Tokyo with Juliette6 Guy style As I said, lots of colours, creative hairdo, hats, rolled up pants and some questionable shoes choices.

The Beetle Super Tote

It is Friday and I have finished something! Yeah, happy dance for me.

I got the Beetle fabric long long ago in Australia.  I love the colours, happy and fun.  But honestly I did not know what I would do with it. I thought it could be only used as whole or be fussy cut.  Anyway, I had forgotten about this fabric all together.  Then a chain of associations ideas happened.

First I saw a super cute bag on my friend’s Instragram feed (here it is). I really, really wanted to get it, got distracted and didn’t buy it. Then I remembered I got the Super Tote pattern from Noodlehead a few weeks ago.  I purchased the pattern just to have it in my files (I do that far to often:).  A few more days passed without thinking about it… And finally two days ago, it all came together: Beetle fabric + Noodlehead Super tote = Beetle Super Tote.

Super Tote
The outside panels are lined with 808 Pellon Craft Fuse.  It is the first time I used this fuse in, it gives the fabric a bit of stiffness, making it almost the weight of home decor fabric.  There’s a outside pocket closed by magnetic clasp and has some hot pink piping.  As recommended in the instructions, I pinched the straps, hoping it will make is more stable on the shoulder.

Super Tote1
On the inside, I’ve used mainly some old Anna Maria Horner fabric (Good Folks for FreeSpirit).  There are two big pockets on each sides.  I choose to make the recessed zipper option which gives the bag a nice finish.

Overall, I really enjoyed making this bag.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow.  I do believe I’m going make this bag again.  I will probably opt for different pockets arrangements inside, like a big pocket for a laptop, a zipped pocket, and for sure lined the inside pockets… I just Google Noodlehead Super Tote, there are so many great examples.  I will definitively make this again.  I really how big this tote is, it would work well as a school/work bag, a sleep-over bag, for the gym too…

And while I was at it, I also made a little make up pouch, tutorial found at Doodlehead.

Super Tote2
Now who’s the lucky person about to receive this? Sorry, don’t count on me to tell you :) …

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Friday, 5 June 2015

Green and urban Tokyo

We’ve been walking miles and miles, enjoying a highly contrasted city.

This is the view from our bedroom, high risers as far as you can see, and still so much greenery.

Tokyo with Juliette4 Ancient and modern cohabiting.Tokyo with Juliette3 The Golden poo (actually a Brewery headquarter), the business district by the Imperial Palace, Shiodome, Harajuku

Tokyo with Juliette2Planting in the subway, tree in the hotel lobby, the Imperial Palace surroundings,
plants taking advantage of any free spaces

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Stylish people of Tokyo

Before we start our second day in Tokyo, here a few people we encounter in the streets of Tokyo yesterday.

Tokyo with Juliette1 

Tokyo with Juliette