Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ordinary week-end

I am still in slow mo… not much craftiness is happening in my world at the moment.  I try to keep up but it seems that there’s always something else happening or maybe I should work on my organisation skills.  I have a few blog posts prepared but still need to take some pictures… Oh well! In the mean time, this is how our week-end looked like.

Ordinary week-end

In random order:

French girls wearing black yoga pants
the start of a blanket
daughter and cat discussing important matters
some cannel├ęs for a tea party
stretching after an afternoon of sewing
first meditation lesson
morning walk encounter
vegan lunch

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Learning my lesson

I am mad, so mad at myself!

I have lost most of my pictures taken between 2006 and 2010… Actually, I though they were on an external drive and unfortunately the drive did not work.  So I got my tech guy to fix it (it cost me a small fortune plus an arm and a leg, I don’t even want to mention it…) and you know what was on this b@#%! thing? My kids’ playlists and my latest CV dated 2008 (important fact, I am a qualified time keeper… useless qualification as most pools now have electronic mats to record swimmers’ times).  There’s also some movies, which are probably available for free on any streaming providers…

I am trying to remember all the places we went, all the things we did and gauge how much I lost… But I know that’s what I am going to miss most are the events I don’t even remember, the little moments, the hidden details, not the big picture!


Luckily, I’ve been uploading pictures on Flickr.  Good old Flickr, I though you were done, I felt out of love with you and now that I am in need of help, here you are, with bits and pieces of what I have lost…  So I learnt my lesson, I’m backing up my pictures to Flickr and I promise I am going to make good use of the 1TB of memory.

Still, I am really mad at myself… and would love to know how you organise, save, enjoy your pictures?  Have you made eBooks, paper books?  Do you still print individual pictures?