Thursday, 25 May 2017

Sweet sweet weekend

This Sunday was our 23rd wedding anniversary! So we celebrated… from different location on the Globe (Philippe being on a business trip in Bali). He sent me a beautiful, but oh so sweet cake.

Next day we went to a graduation celebration, so I made some Lemon infused whipped cream stuffed puffs or puffs stuffed with whipped cream flavored with lemon juice (have you notice how food blogs tend to use various pompous names?). Anyway those are super simple to make. Any simple puff recipe will do, make sure that you keep beating as you incorporate the eggs in the dough. Also it is important to start baking the puffs in a very hot oven, then turn the temperature down.

The puffs are stuffed with whipped cream. Whipping cream in a mason jar is my new preferred way to do it. I put some heavy cream in a mason jar, filling less than a third of the jar, add a bit of confectionary sugar, close the jar and shake it. At first shaking the liquid cream makes a ‘gloop gloop’ sound, keep shaking, then when it sounds more like ‘whoof whoof’, it’s ready. Add a bit of lemon juice and it’s ready. I like to let the whipped cream rest in the fridge before using it.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Easy easy projects

Since finishing the Prom Dress, I have trouble picking up a new project. So I decided to go easy on myself and take on projects that will bring satisfaction fast (see last post: Ironboard cover).

I made pillow cases using the burrito method. There are so many tutorials on line that I’m not going to explain the process (just try this on Pinterest).

For the first set, I’ve used Annamaria Horner fabric: Enchanted and Cutting Line bought from Quilted Forest which since has closed down after 116 years in business.

The second set is done with some Cotton&Steel From Porto with Love, because… you know... cats!

Of course, these pillow cases have been tried and approved by my trusted helper.

Sweet dreams!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Iron-board Cover - A class at the Sewing Studio

It is not the first time that I sew a cover for my iron board, and each time I wonder why I did not do it earlier. It is such a easy project and it is so rewarding when the iron board look nice and neat.

This time I have chosen Rifle Paper Co, City Maps canvas. I really like this print with all the different cities. It is a canvas and I like the stifness of it.

I like my board to be bouncy so I put two layers of batting, secured them to the top with a zigzag stitch.

The edge is finished with a double fold bias tape and an elastic tighten to fit the shape of the board. And voilĂ , ready for laundry day!

Don’t you think a pretty cover makes ironing a bit more bearable?
You can join me on May 5th, at 10:00 at The Sewing Studio in Maitland to learn how to make this cover. To register, just follow this link.

I will give the same class at my home on June 15, 10am to 3pm. Leave me a comment shall you want more details.